भाकृअप - केंद्रीय बकरी अनुसंधान संस्थान

ICAR - Central Institute for Research on Goats

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution

Externaly Funded Projects

S.No. Project Title P.I.
1 AICRP on goat Improvement – Project coordinator Unit Dr. P. K. Rout
Improvement of Sire evaluation of Jamunapari goats for milk & meat production -AICRP Jamunapari Unit Dr. P. K. Rout
Genetic improvement of Barbari goats for meat and milk production-AICRP Barbari Unit Dr. M. K. Singh
2 Network Project on Sheep Improvement –Muzaffarnagri Unit Dr. Gopal Dass
3 ORP on Estimation of methane emission under different feeding systems and development of mitigation strategies Dr.Ravindra kumar
4 All India coordinated research project on Plasticulture engineering and technologies – Assessment of plastic based structures and shelters on goat production Dr. S. D. Kharche
5 NICRA Project –Adaptation strategies in goats to environmental stress through nutritional manipulations Dr. U.B. Chaudhary
6 NFBSFARA –Development of Parthenogenetic Goat from Embryonic Stem Cells Dr. S. D. Kharche
7 MOFPI – National Referral Laboratory for Testing of Animal Products Dr. V. Rajkumar
8 Outreach Programme on Zoonotic Diseases Dr. K .Gururaj
9 VTCC –Veterinary Type Culture-Microbes in collaboration with NRCE, Hisar Dr. K. Gururaj
10 VTCC – Veterinary Type Culture - Rumen Microbes in collaboration with NAINP, Bangalore. Dr. U. B. Chaudhary
11 All India Network P roject on Neonatal M ortality (AINP - NM) in Farm Animals (ICAR) Dr. Ashok Kumar
12 Center for Agricultural Bioinformatics (CABin ) project collaborating centre of IASR Dr.R. V. S. Pawaiya
13 Development of Phage Therapeutic Preparation for Neonatal Colibacillosis in Goat - Kids ( DST) Dr. A. K. Mishra
14 Development of nano - immuno rapid test for detection of MAP in milk samples ( MOFPI ) Dr. K Gururaj
15 Crohn’s disease in India: a multicenter study from a country where intestinal tuberculosis as well as John’s disease is endemic ( ICMR) Dr. K Gururaj
16 Study the effect of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transportation on Ovarian Function and Fecundity in Goats. Dr. S. D. Kharche
17 Development of Phytopharmaceutical product for Bovine Mastitis Dr. Anu Rahal
18 Isolation, Characterization and Development of a culture method for long term preservation of spermatogonial stem cells from doom pigs Dr. M. S. Chauhan