भाकृअप - केंद्रीय बकरी अनुसंधान संस्थान

ICAR - Central Institute for Research on Goats

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution

Institute Funded Projects (2017-18)

S.No. Project Title P.I.
1 Modulation of immunocompetence of goat spermatozoa for augmentation of fertility. Dr.Ravi Ranjan
2 Optimization of Semen Freezing protocol and Artificial insemination in Goats. Dr.Ravi Ranjan
3 Natritional Characterization of Goat Milk. Dr.Arun kumar Verma
4 Development of Economical Pellet Feed using unconventional Protein Source for Goats. Dr.Ravindra Kumar
5 Development of Model Goat Village. Dr.Vijay Kumar
6 Multi-Disciplinary Approaches for Transfer of Technilogies for Livelihood security of Goat Keepers. Dr.Braj Mohan
7 Development of a sustainable Targeted Selective Treatment(sTST) strategy against haemonchosis in Indian Goats. Dr.Souvik Paul
8 Evaluation of herbal immunomodulators for management of weaning stress in Goat Kids. Dr.Nitika Sharma
9 Coenurosis control at CIRG goat farms and development of suitable diagnostic test for use. Dr.D K Sharma
10 P-glycoprotein expression in commonly used anthelmintic and antibiotics in Goats. Dr.Anu Rahal
11 Sero-prevalence,diagnosis and investigation of goat's diseases. Dr.RVS Pawaiya
12 Allele mining in caprine Kisspeptin and GPRSG genes in association with fecundity in Indian Goats. Dr.M S Dighe
13 Genetic Improvement of Jakhrana goat of milk production in field conditions. Dr.Saket Bhusan

AICRP Projects (2017-18)

S.No. Project Title P.I.
1 improvement of Sire evaluation of Jamunapari goats for milk & meat production(AICRP Jamunapari Unit). Dr.M S Dighe
2 Genetic improvement of Barbari goats for milk & meat production (AICRP Barbari Unit). Dr.M K Singh
3 AICRP Network Project on Sheep Improvement-muzaffarnagri Unit. Dr.Gopal Dass
4 Plasticulture Engineering & Technology (PET). Dr.N Ramachandran